simple storyboard for one of my project


From my Sketchbook


These are some drawings from my Sketchbook

what you think?

My PP1 Project


This is my PP1 project

Brif: Create an animated sequence for the Creative Frog Media Logo

The finished version still needs a little more work done on it, such as reflection on the surface of the water and  a splash when the frog character enters the water.  The frog itself also needs more animation work but due to time constraints i had to leave it there and submit my work

Animated Logo Sequence

Work Exapmples form the 1990’s

Hi everyone, this is my first post on my new blog, I hope you like it!  I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about my work

I produced this oil painting in the 1990’s,  I did a lot of oil paintings back then which i really enjoyed doing.

Let me know what you think

My inspiration for this oil painting was my home country of Kurdistan. I wanted to highlight the situation in Kurdistan and I represented my country as a horse which is being restricted but outside forces.  The forces in the picture are the ropes that have bound and restricted the horse’s movement and freedom.

and below are some of my oil painting while I was student at fineart 1990’s

My last Project at fine art

Paint Girl from model and imagination Background

I paint this painting copy from a famous artist every student was aske to copy one